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Day 102 – Grand Island Sandhill Cranes


Not a very good shot but I’m on the road today and don’t have much time.  You’ll be seeing more of these birds over the next few days.  Hopefully in higher quality pictures.

Day 80 – Young Squirrel


I needed to test the Pentax-F 1.7 AF Adapter again today.  So it was either a squirrel or a robin, since that’s pretty much what’s available to quickly shoot after work.


Day 79 – A Robin


I got a Pentax F AF 1.7 Adapter in the mail today and took it out for a test with my DA * 300mm.  The light was pretty low so it wasn’t a great test but it did OK.  I think this picture would have been sharper without the adapter but that was expected.  I’ll need to test it some more before I decide whether to keep it or not.