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Day 43 – Along Highway 91


Had some trouble making choices today, so I posted three.

red-barn big-round-bales

Day 35 – Fence and Field in the Snow


These were taken near Standing Bear lake.


Day 31 – Table in Snow


The few days we had in San Diego were great.  I spent most of the time soaking up the sun and taking pictures.  We were greeted with a foot of snow on our driveway on our return.

Day 30 – San Diego Streets


Well I made it one month posting to this blog.  This is a picture of a bush I saw alongside of a building.


One of the things I learned during my trip, is to use the closest corner of a building to align the composition vertically, if you want the building to appear mostly straight up and down.


There are lots of street people around downtown San Diego.

Day 24 – Trees in Elmwood Park


At lunch today I took a short walk to Elmwood Park in search of a photo opportunity, this is what I found.

Day 22 – Neale Woods Trail


Took a walk at Neale Woods this evening and saw a little green.

Day 20 – Deer in the Snow

deer-in-snow1 deer-in-snow2 deer-in-snow3

Day 14 – Williams’ Ranch


The view from my Uncle Blair and Aunt Marilyn’s house.

Day 13 – Old Hand


Day 9 – Willow on the Wall


It’s pretty apparent that a minimalist style is where I’m at currently.  I do like minimalism but I think partially my photos are reflecting what’s around me.  Currently my outdoor surroundings are full of browns of different shades and white snow.  The colors are muted and less varied, compared to other seasons of the year.  The majority of my photos are taken inside.  I find it harder to find something interesting to photograph indoors, and when I do it’s usually a part of the photo that interests me, so that’s what I use.  Today’s entry actually started out as a picture of a vase full of pussy willows.