Monthly Archives: December 2010

Day 10 – Midwest Fruit


I got home tonight in time to look around the backyard and find something to photograph, something with a little color.

Day 9 – Willow on the Wall


It’s pretty apparent that a minimalist style is where I’m at currently.  I do like minimalism but I think partially my photos are reflecting what’s around me.  Currently my outdoor surroundings are full of browns of different shades and white snow.  The colors are muted and less varied, compared to other seasons of the year.  The majority of my photos are taken inside.  I find it harder to find something interesting to photograph indoors, and when I do it’s usually a part of the photo that interests me, so that’s what I use.  Today’s entry actually started out as a picture of a vase full of pussy willows.

Day 8 – Gone for the Winter


I visited Standing Bear Lake again today and found this nest during my walk.

Day 7 – Milkweed


I was able to take some pictures outside today, which was nice.  This time of year when I leave for work and come home, it’s pretty much dark.  The days will soon start getting longer though.

A couple more shots today.  I went to Standing Bear Lake and found this milkweed that I thought was interesting.  One thing I didn’t notice during the shoot, was the background for the milkweed-down was snow.  That didn’t work out so well.  But I was already almost on the ground taking the shots, so I’m not sure I could have gotten the proper angle to bring the seeds up into the brown area anyway.

I made it one week.  Next milestone is a month.


Day 6 – Feather on Paper


Well you get two today.  I’m posting this normal version and the one below is an inverted version.  I’m back to the macro today.  It’s a downy feather I found on the ground last week, photographed on construction paper.  The feather got a little smashed in my pocket on the way home, but it’s not too bad.  This is the first macro I’ve taken that is pretty much all in focus.  I think moving to a smaller aperture helped in that regard.  F/16 expand the shutter speed to 30 seconds, which is quite long, but with the tripod it worked.


Day 5 – Christmas Ornament


This is my favorite ornament on our tree.

Day 4 – Lamp and Shade


This was shot with the old manual 50mm I purchased.  Not tack sharp.  I’m using a KatzEye focusing screen that I put in myself.  It could be the screen needs a shim, or I just suck at focusing.

Day 3 – Oak Leaf Macro


More playtime with the macro tonight.  This time I took an oak leaf and propped it up on a couple yoghurt tubs and placed an LED light underneath.  It isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like in places but the leaf wasn’t flat, so it was a little difficult to get all areas in focus.  The only post processing of this photo was the crop.

Day 2 – Blanket Macro


My macro lens arrived in the mail today, so I had to play with it tonight. 🙂  After trying a few different things I settled on one of our wool blankets.  I did a 100% crop on part of the image to make kind of an abstract.

Day 1 – Paper In The Snow

I took this photo at 10:39 AM on the 12th, contrary to what the exif data says. I need to fix the date and time on the camera. The snow is a bit gray, which I don’t like. I haven’t figured out the combination to getting white snow, without washing out everything else. For this photo I pointed the camera at the blue sky, took the meter reading, recomposed and shot. That gave me the best exposure out of the group I took. I did lighten the picture a bit in lightroom.