Day 19 – 3D Tree


I woke up early this morning about 6:00 AM.  It was dark outside.  Out the window I could see cottonwood trees with the yard light shining on them.  I thought they would make an interesting picture, so I got up, went outside and started taking pictures.  My 55-300mm lens wasn’t cutting it, so I went back in and got my fast 50mm manual lens.  Focusing was a problem since I couldn’t really see much, but I kept snapping away.  Boy was I surprised when I got inside and saw some of the pictures.  The picture above has had no post processing done to it except a tiny crop, an attempt at removing a branch that was in the way and I bumped up the exposure just a bit.  The camera/lens interpreted the blue/black sky as the blue you see.  You may have to adjust your angle and it helps if your in a dark room, but the picture exhibits a 3D effect.

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